Welzh Werkzeug Trolley Jack 22 Ton Air Hydraulic for Trucks (HEAVY DUTY)

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Welzh Werkzeug Trolley Jack 22 Ton Air Hydraulic for Trucks (HEAVY DUTY)


Trolley Jack combines power and versatility to meet the demands of heavy-duty lifting tasks.
With a maximum capacity of 22 tons and anadjustable height range of 260mm to 560mm, it provides reliable support for lifting large vehicles and heavy machinery.
The precise piston stroke of 120mm ensures accurate positioning during lifting and lowering operations.
The jack also offers multiple attachments for different height adjustments, enabling you to adapt it to specific lifting needs.
Additionally, the 80mm adjustable lifting spindle adds convenience and allows for fine-tuning of the lifting height.
This trolley jack is an efficient and flexible tool for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.

Specifications and Capacity

Maximum Capacity of 22 tons: Built to handle heavy-duty lifting tasks with a maximum capacity of 22 tons. It is suitable for lifting large vehicles and heavy machinery, providing reliable support during maintenance or repair work.
Adjustable Height Range: The trolley jack offers a versatile height range, with a minimum height of 260mm and a maximum height of 560mm. This wide range allows for lifting various types of vehicles or equipment, accommodating different ground clearance levels and working requirements.

Enhanced Functionality and Attachments

Precise Piston Stroke: With a piston stroke of 120mm, this trolley jack provides efficient lifting and lowering capabilities. The controlled piston movement ensures precise positioning, making it easier to work with accuracy and safety.
Multiple Attachments for Height Adjustments: The trolley jack comes with four attachments designed for different minimum and maximum heights. These attachments include a Ø48 mm length of 20mm, 60mm, and 100mm, as well as a Ø68 mm length of 25mm. This versatility enables you to adapt the jack to specific lifting needs and achieve optimal stability and support.

Convenient and Adjustable Lifting Spindle

80mm Lifting Spindle: Features an 80mm lifting spindle that is adjustable to suit various lifting requirements. This allows you to fine-tune the lifting height and ensure a secure and stable lifting operation.



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