Returns and Cancellation Policy

Customers have the right to return all products within 14 days of delivery or pickup, for purchases from our online shop.






Purchases from DT Euro Automotive Tools online shop

  1. Unopened, unused and in the original packaging
    The return can be done within 14 working days from the purchase date, along with the receipt and sent back at your cost to our nearest Akis Express office In this case you can receive a refund for the value of your purchase.



How to cancel an online order

  • If you have chosen the Pick-up from Akis Express Office  you can cancel your order before the product is handed to the delivery service. After the dispatch of the product, your order status will automatically update and you will no longer be able to cancel your order. You can of course, return the product you bought following our Returns Policy as described above in case 1 

Other Clarifications and Info

For any other information or question you can always contact us:

  1. By phone calling us 95708700
  2. Online, using our contact form
  3. By email

We will get back to you Monday to Friday from 08.30 – 18.00

Changes to our Returns and Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to change or update our Returns and Cancellation Policy. We will however post any changes on this page.
1.     This guarantee is provided to the consumer of the product (“the Client”). It does not exclude nor does it limit any rights of the Client which are mandatory under the law.

2.     The duration of the warranty is 12 months and it is valid from the date of purchase of the product by the client.


3.     During the warranty period, DT EURO AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS will repair for free, replace the defective product for free, or the agreement may be denounced according to law 7(I) of 2000 article 5 paragraph 6 and provided that the notification of the defect of the product is performed in less than 2 months from the occurrence, according to law 7(I) of 2000 article 5 paragraph 2 upon its sole discretion.
4.      DT EURO AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS will return the repaired or other product to their client in a working condition. If a defective part is being repaired then the component shall be changed. In case of repair, the defective part will be changed.

5.     This limited warranty does not apply for natural wear and tear. Also, it does not apply if the The defect was caused because the product has been subject to use in a manner not conforming to the instructions of the manufacturer, abuse, if it was exposed to humidity or extreme hot or environmental conditions, or sudden changes in such conditions, corrosion, rusting, non-authorized modifications or connections, non-authorized opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorized spare parts, misuse, unsuitable installation, accident, natural phenomena, which are beyond the reasonable control of DT EURO AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS (including for instance defects in the department of consumable parts such as batteries, which as a rule have a limited life) unless the defect was caused directly because of the use of defective materials, designs or workmanship.

6.     The warranty shall be valid only if the client presents the original product purchase receipt and delivers the product to DT EURO AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS To Our Nearest Akis Express Point At The Clients Cost
7.  This limited warranty is provided to the consumer of the product (“the Client”). It does not exclude nor does it limit any rights of the Client which are mandatory under the law.
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